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Here are links to many of our friends, associates, companies - some we’ve never met (we just like them). We can’t guarantee that all of the sites are “official” or completely up to date.
Allen Ginsberg - The heart and soul of his generation. Along with Burroughs, Kerouac, Cassidy and Corso, Allen changed the way we use the English language. I was lucky to write music for and perform with Allen, through my friend Hal Willner who produced the album "The Lion For Real". michael

The Rasmus
- Classic power-pop from Finland. Singer Lauri has one of "those voices". I got to collaborate with him on the lyrics to their first album, INTO. A pleasure, indeed.

Ryan Adams - Lovely voice, powerful tunes, compelling performances. We made the "Stockholm Sessions" recordings together a while back. I would like to play in his band someday. He's that good. michael

Victoria Williams - The sweetest songbird you'll ever meet. Totally unique and completely inside the music. Always inspirational. We made "Swing the Statue" together. She comes to Stockholm now and then, so my Swedish friends can get a blast of her magical presence. michael

Robert Wilson - The master of the visual "set-piece". Completely blew my mind when I first saw "Einstein on the Beach" many moons ago. Also collaborates with my favorite songwriters. I served as co-bandleader for a piece he made with Hal Willner in Copenhagen. Lovely.

Tom Waits - On the A-list of alltime best performer/writers ever. Bare none. Steinbeck and Howlin' Wolf rolled into one. Tom gave me a chance to go deep into the Euro-American story-telling tradition, for which I will be always grateful. A rare experience. I threw every monkeywrench, crowbar and pitchfork I had at his material, and every song came back for more. Indestructable and unavoidable. michael

Hal Willner
- Eclectic in the true sense of the word. Hal has a grasp of how and why music works that is unsurpassed. And his true love and respect for expression of ideas has created some of the most interesting artistsic collisions ever put on record or presented on a stage. I am indebted to the maestro forever. michael

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