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LOOPS Online again!
The Free Loops Here!

Get your GarageBand (Apple Loops) and Reason (rex loops) free drum and perc loops here! Played by Michael Blair (ex-Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Ryan Adams, etc) and recorded, mixed and produced by Chris Bell.
The loops, that are recorded at The Cabin, Stockholm, are played on a small kit with a loose and live feel.

Climbing the Ladder
Currently, I'm also busy with Director Eugene [Pebbles] Akiwumi's film "The Ladder". I doing the Sound Design as well as doing - yet again - a stint as composer.

Cleaner is Better
Finished with working on Director Emil Jonsviks "Clean Bill of Health". I was Supervising Sound Designer as well as doing a stint as composer. Loads of work, but fun fun fun!
Have a look at it here!

Inyi - Clearer

Just finished mastering an EP-album for minimalist/low-fi artist Mattias Andersson. Great Stuff!
Get it here!

Work in progress
Three mixing projects currently running side-by-side just now:
Mixing 10 songs for singer/songwriter Hilda Sandgren, the tracks are produced by George Allen and the style is a sort of mix between heavy metal guitars and electronica
(drums are btw played by Tiamats Lars Sköld) - but it's all Hilda!
Mixing and co-producing hurdy-gurdy
(and other instruments) crooner Harald Pettersson's first foray into singer/songwriter land - something like early Steely Dan meets Willie Nelson!
Last but not least, I'm in the early stages of producing (I will be tracking and mixing as well) singer/songwriter Magnus Bybrant, Magnus sings in Swedish - with a kind of an early Bruce Springsteen vibe to it, fun!.
Who wants to be a Billionarie?
For the debt-collection agency Sergel, I composed, mixed and produced (commissioned by Edenvik) a music bed for a promo for their new billing product "Billionaire". Michael did the masterful job of voice-over for the English version.
The Bizzy Bee'z
Michael and I have been both busy with projects; I've been mixing and recording tracks for different artists (hard rock/disco/world music), Michael has been doing his coaching thing as well as producing. Just now: both of us have been busy organizing a benefit concert (there'll be a great mix of artists; jazz/classical/world music) for the Tsunami victims in South-East Asia. The concert took place on the 4th of February.
Miz de la Cour
Mixing Michaela de la Cour, ex- Army of Lovers singer, latest dance track: "Skunk-to-Skunk-and-Wax-to-Wax" was a blast - fun as always!
Master Producer
Not just a pretty face but also I do mastering. This time for producer David Millington of Hibiscus Records. David brought a mixed bunch of genres and styles, it was fun!!
Mr Morland
Chris recorded two tracks (Comeback and Stylewars) by singer-songwriter Andreas Morland (who also sang and played the guitar) at The Cabin.
The two tracks are mixed by Ollie Olson, mastered by Kristofer Stannow at Cosmos and produced by Michael Blair and Ollie Olson.

Up North
I had the privilige of giving my lecture series, "The Creative Producer" at the Royal College of Music in Piteå. Had a great time, keep those questions coming!!
The Algerian Connection
I've just had great fun finishing the mixing and producing two versions of the song "Alba Chiara" (by Italian rock singer Vasco Rossi) featuring the the amazing singer and performer Khaled Habib - and some equally amazing musicians.

All Quiet on The Northern Front
Michael has just returned to the mothership after another tour teaching in the chilly and beautiful north of Sweden. This adventure included the town of Arvidsjaur, home of reindeer and creative kids. Michael (together with noted producer/mixer Ollie Olson and drummer/promoter Staffan Lahti) coached student bands and held performance seminars.
Michael is "In America"
The DDD (Dynamic Dublin Duo) of Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer wrote the film score and co-wrote the theme song (with Bono) for the current Jim Sheridan film "In America". The com-posing team was recently nominated for a Golden Globe award. And the bangs, crunches and splongs in the film should sound familiar.
15 Bytes of Fame
I'm interviewed on Wired's site, here's the article. GarageBand is _the_ cool/fun app of the year, I'm having so much fun fooling around with it. So much fun that I'm getting in trouble with my "real" projects (like mixing my son's band and writing articles). It's pretty wierd reading one's own words, Leander Kahney makes me sound far more intelligent and smarter than I am. Or am I? Hmmm . . . let me get back to you on that.
Cool Sweden/Cool Britannia
I moderated a panel titled "The Future of A&R" at the conference Access All Areas (26/27th of November). AAA was cosponsored by the British Council and Export Music Sweden.
Added Attraction
We had the pleasure of welcoming the fine keyboardist and composer Steve Nieve (Elvis Costello and the Attractions) to our studio while he was recently touring Sweden. Michael is working with Steve on new material with Chris recording.
chris & michael
A Journey Like No Other
I have just finished the sound design for "En Resa som ingen annan". An interactive audience - participatory fable about the trials and tribulations in being forced to leave ones country.
A three hour performance co-produced by The Museum of History, Riksteatern
(Sweden's nation-wide theatre), The Red Cross, Sverok, and Fabel.                                                   
Peter, The Wolf, Gavin and Bono
I am featured (on drums and orchestral percussion) on a new version of the classic Peter and the Wolf, narrated by artist Gavin Friday. Recorded at Windmill Lane studio in Dublin, the project is a fund raiser for the wonderful Irish Hospice Foundation and includes drawings by U2's Bono. The book/CD is on sale now and Bono's drawings will be auctioned at Christie's in New York to benefit the Hospice Foundation.

The Russian Connection
I've just finished mixing and co-producing Stefan Ringbom's latest CD. The material is songs written by Vladimir Vysotsky. The CD is a tribute to Stefan's great voice, the magnificent work that Carsten and Ola Palmér did with translating the text (into Swedish), and of course the fantastic and original songs that Vysotsky wrote.

Directions in Music CD
We are working on our first album. You can hear excerpts from six tracks by clicking on the links to the right on this page. Full-length promo versions are available here.
michael & chris

The World's Best Dad
"Världens Bästa Pappa" (The world's best dad), we scored this pilot film for Swedish director Maria Essén. Produced by Lennart Dunér at Omega Film. This pilot was recently presented at the film festival in Cannes.
michael & chris

The Best Coast
I just returned from a fun and emotional trip to southern California (I'm a San Diego native). Met with old friends, made some new ones. Visited with film/TV composers Michael Levine and Ross Levinson, songwriter/producer Joe Henry, and session giant Jim Keltner.
Magical conversations.
Also met exciting San Diego indie scene entrepreneurs Dave Brown and and Troy Johnson. Charismatic young go-getters.
More time in California is a must.


Michael collaborates with a new chanteuse
I have finished working on what will be the debut album for Swedish songwriter Karin Ström. Karin is signed to Nettwerk Records in Canada. The tracks were co-produced by me, Karin, and multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Forslund. Chris mixed the track "Hips" with me at the Cabin.
A fall release is currently planned.


The Dim Treatment
I have finished working on a re-mix for the talented new up-and-coming singer PaulM. The song is called "Baby Let It Burn". Michael added some great live percussion.
Paul has his own company, DaddyCoolMusic
, check it out!

Beats from space
The German ad agency Sputniks asked us to write music for their new promo video, which is part of their anniversary gift to old and new clients.
Based in Munich, this is their 8th anniversary.

michael & chris
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