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     The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Stockholm), Gotlands Theatre,
     "Troilus  and Cressida" The Stockholm Summer Theatre,      Independents and the Fringe.

     Drama, xxxxxx, docu-drama, xxxxxx, xxxxxx, short film, "Nomad"        (dance film), xxxxxxx, "Fjäril, tiggare och gud" (a drama        documentaryon the life of Swedish poet Dan Andersson)
      jingles, station indents, The Swedish Radio, xxxxx,  xxxxxxxxxx,        Ericsson, xxxxxxxx
Modern dance
     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, The Modern Dance Theatre (Stockholm),      xxxxxxxxx xxxxx, multi-media dance company l´Etiole du Nord,

     xxxxxxxxx, The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Stockholm), xxxxxxxxxxxx

Producer/Sound design
     The Swedish Radio, xxxxxxxx, children's opera, xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx,
     The Royal Dramatic Theatre, xxxxxxx,
xxxxxxxxxxx, "Brief moments       in time" (a series of films based on the work of choreographer Isadora       Duncan)


     xxxxxx, jazz, xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx, Secret Service, xxxxxxxxx,
     accompanist, xxxxx, rock/pop, xxxxxxxx, midi, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chris Bell - not the good pic
Project Tracks
"I have composed music in a wide variety of styles/genres, everything from Shakespeare to modern Scandinavian drama for Sweden's Royal Dramatic Theatre, for independents and the Fringe. For short film, drama, documentary, dance . . . and I would very much like to write for your production, together with my partner Michael Blair."
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