Directions in Music
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This is the music we make, have made for/with other people.

co-writing, co-producing, mixing, arranging - whatever it takes, where ever it takes us . . .
If you want a remix by a junkyard percussionist and a computer/keyboard wizard, you've come to the right place.
Or if you're you are just looking for trouble . . .
Or maybe it's an upclose and intimate production for your next folk-rock record.
How about some scoring and songs for your next film or television show?
Or sound design for your film/theatre/video production?

Maybe you just want to have us in your next band . . .

Don't hesitate to let us know

Project Tracks
(ad agency promo)
världens bästa pappa
(pilot for feature film)
russian connection
(ringbom sings vysotsky)
steve & michael
(recording w steve nieve)
baby let in burn etc
(songwriting & remix)
en resa som ingen annan
(sound design)
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